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Mike Serrano employment law attorney

Answers to your common questions from a Pasco County personal injury, civil litigation & employment law attorney

We know you have questions about the law, and Michael A. Serrano, Esquire is pleased to provide answers. A native of Tampa, attorney Serrano brings his extensive knowledge of the area and his dedication to the practice of law straight to you, handling your case from start to finish on his own.

Personal injury & wrongful death

Is there a minimum or maximum amount that can be recovered in my personal injury settlement?

No. There is no minimum or maximum amount. The total amount you recover can be based off of a jury verdict, but can be limited to the amount of insurance coverage available by the party at fault.

Civil litigation

Who is responsible for paying for the sinkhole damage to my home and property?

If you have  coverage  for sinkhole collapse the insurance company is responsible to pay. However, if your policy only covers catastrophic ground coverage collapse this generally excludes sinkhole damage and becomes your responsibility to fix. 

Employment law

What rights do I have if I have been discriminated against or harassed at my workplace?

The Civil Rights Act of 1964 and Florida Statutes establish your right to work free from discrimination. The terms and conditions of your employment may not be compromised because of your disability, race, sex, marital status, color or religion. Similarly, your work experience should be free from any unwelcome harassment from supervisors and/or other co-workers. 

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