What You Should Know About Your Bad Faith Insurance Claim

Have you been involved in making insurance claims? Here is what you should know about your bad faith insurance claim. Call us to get started.

How to Prove Bad Faith Insurance

What You Should Know About Your Bad Faith Insurance ClaimBad faith among insurance companies in the state of Florida can be a serious problem. It involves a complex legal analysis. We got a call in Tampa from a client who believed that their insurance carrier was acting in bad faith in providing benefits for a homeowner’s insurance claim. Assessing this involves a complex analysis, and the first step is to review the complete policy of insurance. We will review your policy of insurance for free, and we’ll let you know if you have a claim. Give us a call.

Underpaid For an Insurance Claim

We had an interesting call from a client in Tampa who basically told us their claim was underpaid. It wasn’t denied, but it was underpaid. They asked the question, “Should I be entitled to more benefits?” The quick answer is it depends on the language of your policy. What we did for that client was we offered a free consultation. The client brought in their policy, and we ultimately determined that there was an instance of underpayment on behalf of the insurance company.

We’ll be glad to review your policy to see if you have a claim against your own insurance company.

Common Bad Faith Insurance Practices

Bad faith insurance practices are a topic of conversation all over the internet and in the state of Florida. Determining whether the insurance company acted in bad faith, though, is a complex legal analysis. A client had a very poignant question for us in Tampa the other day that made us think. We brought them in for a consultation.

What are specific instances, generally, for the public out there with regards to bad faith? Generally speaking, it’s when an insurance company fails to resolve a claim when it should have or could have acted fairly or reasonably towards its own insured. Another problem that we have sometimes are just a pattern or practice by an insurance company over multiple claims and multiple insureds of not paying out on claims.

Every case, however, is individual and we need to evaluate your policy to see if there is a claim for bad faith. Give us a call and we’ll be glad to evaluate your case for you.

Have you or a loved one been involved in making insurance claims and have questions about what you should know about your bad faith insurance claim? Contact experienced Florida Insurance Claim lawyers at Serrano Law today for a free consultation and case evaluation.

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