How We Can Help With a Child Sex Abuse Case

Check out this video about how we can help with a child sex abuse case in Tallahassee. Then call Serrano Law for a free legal consultation.


How can a personal injury attorney help me with my child sexual abuse case?


How We Can Help With a Child Sex Abuse Case Child abuse cases in the state of Florida can have both criminal and civil ramifications. At Serrano Law, we handle civil cases. We had a caller from our Tallahassee office recently that was the unfortunate victim of child abuse, and they wanted to know how a personal injury attorney could help them.

You need to hire an attorney who is experienced in handling sex abuse cases. At Serrano Law, we offer a free consultation to evaluate your case. Give us a call.

Have you or your child experienced sexual abuse and have questions about how can we help with a child sex abuse case? Contact experienced Florida boy scouts sex abuse lawyers at Serrano Law today for a free consultation and case evaluation.

In order to serve you best, we have personal injury law offices located in both Tampa and Tallahassee.

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