4 Motorcycle Accident Tips

Were you seriously injured in a motor vehicle crash in Florida? Check out these 4 motorcycle accident tips, then call our attorneys today.

1) Forced Off The Road

4 Motorcycle Accident TipsOne of the things you want to do is make sure you report the claim at the scene of the accident. If you fall off the road, one of the difficulties might come in tracking down the driver who put you off the road. If you want to have your case evaluated quickly, go to a trial attorney that’s going to speak with you and see what they can do in terms of investigating it.

A lot of times we have hit and runs in Florida, for instance, where we never find who the other driver is. That makes it even more critical to have your own insurance. There are many insurance companies who actually offer policies to ensure you in the event that you, for instance, are in a hit-and-run accident, and motorcycles are no different. Investigate that and try to purchase some insurance, just because it’s a good idea.

2) Choosing The Right Lawyer

A lot of times the drivers or riders of the motorcycle do not have their own coverage, unfortunately. This particular client did not, and they asked an important question: “How do I hire the best attorney for motorcycle accidents?”

You want an attorney that’s experienced with handling those types of claims. You also want a trial lawyer because, basically, they present so many challenges and a trial lawyer, if they indeed to take cases to trial, is going to be able to fully evaluate your case. This particular client was involved in a very bad motorcycle accident. He was ejected from the motorcycle and sustained serious damages.

One of the important things in selecting an attorney for a case like this is you need to select an attorney that’s going to speak with you. He had so many issues at the initial consultation that we needed to discuss. It really is important that the client, at that initial consult and throughout the management of the case, is speaking with their lawyer.

3) Case Value

One of the important things about these cases and evaluating them is to see an attorney who’s a trial attorney, who can evaluate your case at the initial consultation. We’re not going to be able to give you the exact value of it, but one of the first things we have to do is contact the insurance companies for the at-fault parties. In this particular case, that’s exactly what we did. We contacted them and, within a few weeks, we were able to get information regarding the insurance and then manage the client’s medical treatment.

4) After a Motorcycle Accident

Communication with an experienced trial lawyer is so essential, both at the initial consultation and throughout the entire process, because this is not a process that’s going to end in three weeks. This is a long, drawn-out process. The insurance carriers typically do not offer maximum value, and you have to hire a trial attorney that’s going to be able to evaluate your case and get you the maximum value.

We’re not going to be able to fully evaluate your case at the initial consultation, but we can at least ease your mind, when you walk out of that door, that you know you have a motorcycle accident attorney that is on your side.

Were you or a loved one seriously injured in a motor vehicle crash in Florida and have questions about our 4 motorcycle accident tips? Contact experienced Florida motorcycle accident lawyers at Serrano Law today for a free consultation and case evaluation.

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