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Hillsborough County Truck Accident Lawyers

Serving Clients throughout Hillsborough County, Pasco County and Wesley Chapel with Law Offices in Lutz, FL.

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Hillsborough County Truck Accident Lawyers

Serving Clients throughout Hillsborough County, Pasco County and Wesley Chapel with Law Offices in Lutz, FL.

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Hiring Mike was one of the best decisions I made. Not only did he take care of my case very well, he made me feel as though he genuinely cared my well being and not just about how much my case was worth. Refers you to the best doctors who do the same. If you’re looking for a PI attorney, you can’t get much better than Mike and his staff.


Positive: Professionalism, Quality, Responsiveness

Mr. Serrano truly cares. He is very thorough and takes the time to explain the process and all the options. His attention to detail and professionalism is unparalleled to other lawyers I have dealt with. The strategic thinking and relentlessness he displayed in my homeowner’s insurance lawsuit allowed us to get the outcome we desired. Would highly recommend and confidently go back to Mr. Serrano for any future needs.


Mike handled the case perfect from beginning to end. He explained from the beginning every part of the process and kept me informed every step of the way. Mike always kept my expectations real. Mike attained a better outcome than I had even expected.


Mike Serrano is a confident and strategic Attorney. He handled my case with honesty and integrity and was always one step ahead of the opposing party. He was the powerful voice who fought hard for my case. I am extremely satisfied with the outcome and highly recommend Mike and his Team for your legal needs.



Mr. Serrano quickly responded to my email & phone calls. He’s very professional, attentive to detail & personable. He assisted me with a workplace issue allowing me to continue in my position. I feel without his expertise I would’ve been released due to a minor disability.

7 Ways Personal Injury Cases Get Ruined

7 Ways Personal Injury Cases Get Ruined

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Getting hurt in a truck accident is awful and scary. You don’t deserve to deal with all the trouble it causes you. Truck accident injuries can disrupt your life. Our Hillsborough County truck accident lawyers want to fight for your right to justice. We will hold the responsible party accountable. If you want full and fair results, call us today to set up a free first consultation.

Some Tips for a Successful Outcome 

These cases are very complicated and it would be unreasonable for you to expect yourself to become an expert in litigating truck accident cases overnight and represent yourself. It is extraordinarily beneficial to have experienced Hillsborough County truck accident lawyers by your side while you’re trying to get the results you deserve. They know how to handle these cases, as they’ve done numerous times before. You don’t have to worry about anything other than picking the right person to represent your case. Your lawyers handle the rest.

Look for a lawyer who cares about your case. You will know that they care about you if they meet with you personally instead of having an assistant do the initial consultation with you. Don’t just hire someone that your friend used for the real estate or your uncle used for his estate planning, either. Choose a personal injury trial lawyer with specialized experience handling truck accidents to represent your claim.

Do you need legal help?

    Don’t hesitate to reach out to our Hillsborough County truck accident lawyers because you have a limited time to get your case started. If you wait long enough, your evidence will disappear and your witnesses will forget what they saw. You’re also going to be potentially barred from bringing a claim if you choose to bring it later than what the statute of limitations allows.

    Seeking immediate medical attention is the best thing that you can do for your own well-being and for the success of your case. Getting the treatment you need prevents your injuries from getting worse and could potentially stop long-term effects from your injuries. Truck accident injuries, as you likely already know, are very severe and can change someone’s life. You need to get the care you need to start feeling better and get on the course for maximum medical recovery.

    If you don’t seek medical attention right away the insurance company is going to look at your medical records and try to say that you lied about how severe your injuries were or even lied about how you got your injuries. Either way, that allows them to try to reduce what they owe you or eliminate your case altogether.

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    Don’t Talk to the Insurance Company

    The insurance company doesn’t want to give you what you deserve. They try to get you to agree to a recorded statement to guide you into ruining your own case. They are trained to ask questions that make you answer in a way that allows them to reduce the value of your claim or throw it away.

    It may be something as simple as them asking you, “How are you?” And you reply, “I’m good. How are you?” They could say when they checked up on you, you reported that you were doing well. That’s information they could use to skew it so it seemed like when they called you weren’t in pain or suffering at all, simply because you answered politely.

    Let your Hillsborough County truck accident lawyers handle communication for you. They will protect your rights when dealing with the insurance company. 

    How a Case is Valued

    Generally speaking, truck accidents are more severe than most other personal injury cases because of the nature of the accidents. Because of the severity of the injuries that are usually associated with truck accident cases, the damages tend to be higher. That means your case will likely be valued higher than say a fender bender. Our Hillsborough County truck accident lawyers fight for your rights to full and fair compensation.

    The first type of damages are economic damages. That is anything that you could see on paper. It includes your medical bills, lost wages, lost earning capacity, physical therapy costs, etc. All of these things are easily calculable and add up to a number. That number will be part of your compensation award.

    Non-economic damages are harder to put a number on because they are things like your mental and emotional health and your pain and suffering. It also includes the loss of a normal life. It’s all the things that you can’t see or touch really but still impact your life on a big scale. You deserve noneconomic damage compensation just as much as you deserve economic damage compensation.

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    Frequently Asked Truck Accident Questions

    Can I sue the trucking company if the driver who injured me was driving drunkCan I sue the trucking company if the driver who injured me was driving drunk?

    We had a very interesting question and a very good question from one of our Tampa clients recently. They asked us whether they could sue a commercial truck company. They were involved in an accident where, unfortunately, the driver of the commercial truck was under the influence of alcohol and got a DUI, and our client was very badly injured. The answer to that question is yes. It depends on what the commercial policy says but, generally speaking, the owner of the commercial vehicle is what we call vicariously liable for the actions of the commercial truck driver.

    There are situations that render these types of cases extremely difficult, which means that you should hire an attorney that is experienced and is willing to go to trial. The insurance companies will fight these cases tooth and nail, especially where their driver was accused of driving under the influence.

    Do I have a lawsuit if a family member dies in a truck accident?

    We got a call, unfortunately, from a family member of a person who was killed in an accident with a commercial truck and they were wondering if they had a claim. The answer is, yes, you likely do, if you are a survivor under the wrongful death statutes in Florida.

    How do I choose the right truck accident attorney?

    There are so many options with attorneys in Florida, in the Tampa area, Wesley Chapel area. How do you select the best attorney? We had a client, unfortunately, in Tampa who was involved in a very severe commercial truck accident. What’s a commercial truck accident? He was in his car and he was hit by a driver who was driving a commercial truck. How do you select the best attorney? Whether it’s a commercial truck case, a slip and fall, or a regular auto accident, you need someone that is going to communicate with you.

    Commercial truck cases in particular have very specific questions that need to be asked at the initial consultation. If you go to a consultation at a law firm and you’re not speaking to the attorney that’s going to be handling the case, and that attorney is not a trial attorney, you may want to think twice about it. You may want to go somewhere where someone’s actually going to speak with you, so they can answer your questions. You have to develop the trust bond in order to have a lawyer that you can count on to do a good job for you.

    How do you determine the value of my truck accident case?

    Truck accident claims, unfortunately, usually involve serious injuries. We had a client in Tampa call us recently about their truck accident claim. They were involved in a very serious commercial truck accident and wanted to know how much the case was worth. As with most cases, it’s very difficult to fully evaluate your case at the initial conference.

    The benefit of hiring a trial lawyer is that we can fully evaluate your case, examine all of the elements of the claim, and make sure that you obtain maximum value from the insurance carrier insuring those commercial vehicles. A lot of these accidents are serious accidents. You’ve got big trucks and you’ve got people that are injured, so you want a trial lawyer that’s going to communicate with you and effectively evaluate your case. Give us a call. We would love to speak with you about your truck accident claim.

    How is a truck accident case different from a car accident caseHow is a truck accident case different from a car accident case?

    A friend in Tampa recently asked one of our attorneys how commercial truck accident cases are different from regular auto accident cases. The answer is there tends to be much more complicated scenarios involving truck accidents. First, there are usually more parties involved. You want to make sure to preserve as much evidence as quickly as possible so that it doesn’t disappear. You want to make sure you hire an attorney that has experience with these types of cases and is familiar with the regulations that involve truck drivers and the various different laws that apply to those accidents.

    How long will it take to resolve my truck accident case?

    We recently had a potential client in Tampa call who was involved, unfortunately, in a collision with a truck. He was wondering how long his case was going to take to resolve. On every single case, it depends, but the most important factor in how long your case is going to take is how long it’s going to take to reach your maximum medical improvement, which means you’re at the point where you can’t get better anymore. That way, we know the full extent of your injury so we don’t shortchange your case if you are badly injured and there’s something else that needs to be done about it.

    Should I accept the first offer from the insurance company after a truck accident?

    A potential client recently called because they had already received an offer on their case from the insurance company after an auto accident, and they were wondering whether or not they should take that offer. Our advice to that person was no. Unless a lawyer is involved, it’s very unlikely that you’re going to get the full amount of your damages from an insurance company. Their job is to pay you as little as possible.

    Should I talk to the insurance company after a truck accident?

    We had a client in Tampa that was injured in a truck accident. On the phone when they called, they asked us, “Should I call the insurance company?” What we told them was to call their own insurance company right away and make a claim because you want to preserve that. You want to make a claim so that you can get into the hospital under the no-fault laws in Florida and go treat. However, with regard to the insurance carrier for the commercial truck, don’t take a statement. It’s too early in the case.

    A lot of times, what the insurance carrier for these truck accidents want to do is box you in and try to settle the claim for as little as possible. One of the great benefits of hiring a trial attorney is that we will go and try to get maximum value on your case, but to do that takes time. Speaking with the insurance company for the commercial truck right away is oftentimes not a good idea and unfortunately puts you at a disadvantage.

    What common mistakes do people make during their truck accident casesWhat common mistakes do people make during their truck accident cases?

    Truck accident cases are usually difficult in terms of the fact that you’re usually dealing with severe injuries and they need to be attended to by a trial lawyer who knows how to handle the claims. Oftentimes, these cases wind up in trial. We had a client in Wesley Chapel that was unfortunately involved in a very serious commercial truck accident, and he asked a very good question: What are some of the common mistakes that clients will make in these cases?

    One of the biggest mistakes is not hiring a trial lawyer. These aren’t your regular garden variety type accidents. These accidents are usually, like I said, serious accidents, for the most part, with serious injuries. The insurance carriers for the commercial truck are very, very, very stingy, oftentimes, with evaluating the case. Their job is to get the case to go away. You need a lawyer with experience trying cases, for instance, because the cases present challenges that a regular auto case does not.

    What should I do after being injured in a truck accident?

    We recently got a call from a potential client who was involved in a truck accident and they were wondering what they should do, what the first thing they should do is after being involved in a truck accident. The first thing that you should do if you’re involved in a truck accident is what this person did, and that’s to call a lawyer that’s experienced in truck accident cases. There are several considerations, with truck accident cases in particular, that you want to make sure you call a lawyer who knows what they’re doing so they can preserve all of the evidence at the scene.

    The second thing you want to do is make sure that you take all kinds of pictures of the truck, of the scene, and of the conditions that existed on the day that you had the accident. The third thing you should do is seek medical attention immediately if you’re injuries warrant it. You always want to make sure that you get help with your injuries first.

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    “Hiring Mike was one of the best decisions I made. Not only did he take care of my case very well, he made me feel as though he genuinely cared my well being and not just about how much my case was worth. If you’re looking for a PI attorney, you can’t get much better than Mike and his staff.”
    – Hannah
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