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The Florida Motorcycle Accident Guide was created by Serrano Law to help residents who have been injured obtain maximum compensation for their claim.

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Have you been injured in a motorcycle accident claim? I understand this is a horrible time for you and your life feels as if it’s been turned upside-down. We want to be there for you while you go through this very difficult time so you can focus on your healing while we focus on getting you the legal justice you deserve. Please don’t hesitate to call our Florida motorcycle accident lawyers as soon as possible to set up your first free initial consultation. You deserve to see the liable party held accountable for what they did to you. Call today.

What You Can Do to Strengthen Your Claim

It is perfectly normal and common for you to feel helpless after you’ve been hurt in a motorcycle accident. You put a lot of trust in other people on the road and when someone’s not doing their job to keep other people safe, it can be a terrible experience to go through. You should know that there are things that you can do to strengthen your claim.

The first thing any of our Florida motorcycle accident lawyers will tell you to do is seek immediate medical care. There are several reasons that you benefit from getting treatment right away after your accident. Obviously, you are taking care of your injuries and managing your pain. You are going to get better when you seek out treatment, which is awesome if you need to recover from severe injuries.

You also work towards getting to what we call maximum medical recovery when you are seeking treatment for your injuries. Maximum medical recovery is important for victims of motorcycle accident cases because it helps your lawyers to determine how much your case is worth. They will be able to tell you what your damages are and what you deserve in compensation based on your maximum medical recovery.

If you don’t seek immediate medical care, the insurance company that is responsible for your results are likely going to try to say that you waited to seek medical care because your injuries weren’t as bad as you’re claiming they are now. They might also say that your injuries actually didn’t come from the motorcycle accident that their insured was involved in. You are doing your body and your case justice when you seek immediate medical care.

Something you should be aware of regarding the insurance company is they will become an obstacle for you while you seek fair results. Something you need to avoid doing at all costs when you’re going for a case like this is giving the insurance company a recorded statement. You can instead have your Florida motorcycle accident lawyers take over the communications with the insurance company.

Recorded statements allow the insurance company to back you into a corner and force you to answer questions that you can’t answer without harming your own claim. We want you to avoid that kind of stress. Let us handle it so we can protect your rights to a full and fair result.

The Important of Having a Skilled Lawyer

Because motorcycle accident cases are different from say a car accident claim, you want someone who specializes in these kinds of accidents specifically. For example, if your case goes to trial because you and the insurance company cannot come up with a fair settlement, you’re going to have a jury help decide the result of your case. There is a huge bias against motorcyclists. People tend to think that you caused the accident simply because you were on a motorcycle. They also think that you’re kind of signing up for danger when you ride a motorcycle.

Having Florida motorcycle accident lawyers who have gone through these types of cases before successfully is an asset to you. You want to hire someone who knows what they’re doing and won’t settle for anything but a fair result. You also need to know that they have specifically handled these types of cases because motorcycle accidents come with their own set of challenges.

Motorcycle Riders Forced Off The Road

We had a caller from Tampa the other day who had been in an accident in which he was forced off the road by someone that was driving behind him. He was forced off the road and was injured, and he asked a very good question: Do I have a claim? It depends. What you want to do, if you’re injured, is get in to seek medical treatment. Whether it’s a hospital or your treating provider, go in and get treated.

In that kind of situation, one of the things you want to do is make sure you report the claim at the scene of the accident. If you fall off the road, one of the difficulties might come in tracking down the driver who put you off the road. If you want to have your case evaluated quickly, go to a trial attorney that’s going to speak with you and see what they can do in terms of investigating it.

A lot of times we have hit and runs in Florida, for instance, where we never find who the other driver is. That makes it even more critical to have your own insurance. There are many insurance companies who actually offer policies to ensure you in the event that you, for instance, are in a hit-and-run accident, and motorcycles are no different. Investigate that and try to purchase some insurance, just because it’s a good idea. We will evaluate your insurance policy for your motorcycle, so give us a call. We’ll be glad to speak with you.

Motorcycle Passenger Injury CasesMotorcycle Passenger Injury Cases

A potential client called recently in Tampa because she had been injured riding as a passenger on a motorcycle. She was wondering if she had a claim. If you’re injured as a passenger on a motorcycle, you absolutely have a claim. It’s extremely important to call a lawyer who is experienced in handling motorcycle accident cases to lead you in the right direction. If you have any questions about how to handle your case, please give us a call.

Differences Between Motorcycle And Car Accident Cases

A friend recently asked me how motorcycle accident cases are different from car accident cases in Florida. There are many different things to consider. The first is that usually the injuries are a lot more severe because the motorcyclist doesn’t have a vehicle protecting them. The second is that there are lots of insurance requirements that are different for motorcyclists versus car accidents. Third, there is a stigma, sometimes, with juries and motorcyclists, since they often view them as at fault.

You need a lawyer who has handled these cases, tried these cases, and knows how to convince a jury that it is not your fault and you have just as much right to be on the road as everybody else. If you have a question about your motorcycle case, please give us a call.

Choosing The Right Motorcycle Accident Lawyer

We had a case in Tampa in which, unfortunately, the client was involved in a motorcycle accident. Motorcycle claims present so many various challenges because of the insurance. A lot of times the drivers or riders of the motorcycle do not have their own coverage, unfortunately. This particular client did not, and they asked an important question: “How do I hire the best attorney for motorcycle accidents?”

You want an attorney that’s experienced with handling those types of claims. You also want a trial lawyer because, basically, they present so many challenges and a trial lawyer, if they indeed to take cases to trial, is going to be able to fully evaluate your case. This particular client was involved in a very bad motorcycle accident. He was ejected from the motorcycle and sustained serious damages.

One of the important things in selecting an attorney for a case like this is you need to select an attorney that’s going to speak with you. He had so many issues at the initial consultation that we needed to discuss. It really is important that the client, at that initial consult and throughout the management of the case, is speaking with their lawyer. Give us a call. I’d be glad to evaluate your motorcycle accident in Tampa.

Motorcycle Accident Case Value

Motorcycle accident cases present various challenges. We had a client in Tampa recently, unfortunately, who was involved in a motorcycle accident and was severely injured. We talked to him and his family. He was ejected from the motorcycle and, unfortunately as is the case in many motorcycle accident claims, this gentleman did not have his own insurance. He didn’t have personal injury protection to cover him for his medical bills.

One of the important things about these cases and evaluating them is to see an attorney who’s a trial attorney, who can evaluate your case at the initial consultation. We’re not going to be able to give you the exact value of it, but one of the first things we have to do is contact the insurance companies for the at-fault parties. In this particular case, that’s exactly what we did. We contacted them and, within a few weeks, we were able to get information regarding the insurance and then manage the client’s medical treatment.

We’d love to evaluate your case in Tampa. Give us a call.

Motorcycle Accident Case TimelineMotorcycle Accident Case Timeline

During an initial consultation recently, a Tampa client asked how long his motorcycle accident injury claim was going to take to resolve. The answer is it depends on each individual case. How long it takes a client to reach maximum medical improvement is one of the biggest factors.

The next factor is how receptive the insurance company is going to be to resolving your case for a reasonable amount of money. If they’re not, we have to file a lawsuit, and that usually ends up taking a little bit longer.

If you have any questions about how long your motorcycle accident case is going to take, please give us a call.

Common Mistakes in a Motorcycle Accident Case

We recently met with a client in Tampa who was injured in a motorcycle accident and, unfortunately, she made some mistakes that we commonly see with these types of cases. First, she didn’t take pictures at the scene, unfortunately. Second, she had a delay in treatment. She didn’t go to the doctor immediately, and, when she did, she didn’t follow her doctor’s recommendations. The biggest mistake, however, was that she didn’t hire a motorcycle accident injury attorney from the beginning.

There are so many special considerations with motorcycle cases that you absolutely need to make sure that you’re picking a lawyer with experience handling them. If you have a question about your motorcycle accident claim, or really anything else, please give us a call.

Motorcycle Accidents From Poorly Maintained Roads

We currently have a Tampa client who was injured as a result of hitting a pothole while they were on their motorcycle. If you’re injured in a similar situation, you absolutely have a claim. It’s extremely important to call a lawyer who has experience handling these cases because there tends to be a lot of investigative issues that need to be addressed from the beginning.

If you were injured in such a situation, please give us a call so we can help.

After a Motorcycle AccidentAfter a Motorcycle Accident

We had a client recently in Wesley Chapel that unfortunately was involved in a severe motorcycle accident. We met with him and his family in our Wesley Chapel office, and they asked us what they should do. We were able, fortunately, to have the client present at the consultation, and we sat with them for an hour and a half and talked to them about their case. This particular gentleman did not have insurance, which is often the case with motorcycle riders, so there’s a perfect example of a situation where you should try to get as much insurance as you can if you’re riding a motorcycle.

Basically, we had to walk him through the process. That’s why communication with an experienced trial lawyer is so essential, both at the initial consultation and throughout the entire process, because this is not a process that’s going to end in three weeks. This is a long, drawn-out process. The insurance carriers typically do not offer maximum value, and you have to hire a trial attorney that’s going to be able to evaluate your case and get you the maximum value.

We’re not going to be able to fully evaluate your case at the initial consultation, but we can at least ease your mind, when you walk out of that door, that you know you have a motorcycle accident attorney that is on your side. Give us a call. We’d love to evaluate your case in Wesley Chapel.

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The sooner you get in touch with our Florida motorcycle accident lawyers the better off you will be. Please understand that this case is complex and time sensitive. Call us today to set up your first initial consultation free of charge to get started on building a strong case. We will go over the details of your case and guide you on what your next step towards justice should be. No one should have to deal with being harmed by a negligent party but, when this happens to you, we want to stand by you and take the stress of a legal trial off of your shoulders so you can focus on what matters to you. Set up your free consultation today.

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