4 Bad Faith Insurance Tips

4 Bad Faith Insurance TipsHave you or a loved one suffered from bad faith insurance and need help? Check out these 4 bad faith insurance tips, then call Serrano Law for a free legal consultation.

1. Eligibility For a First Party Insurance Case

We got a call from a homeowner last week in our Lutz office, and the person had a question that is worth mentioning. They had a policy of insurance with a certain insurance company for homeowner’s coverage, and they asked, “How can I bring a claim?” Generally speaking, a first-party insurance claim means exactly what is sounds like. If you have a policy of insurance with a carrier, and they are breaching the policy and not paying the benefits that are owed, you can bring a claim against your insurance company. It’s a very complicated area of the law, and our advice to you is to speak with a lawyer that is experienced in handling those types of claims. Give us a call.

2. Damages Available For a First Party Insurance Case

A question was asked in our Wesley Chapel office by a client about what types of damages they can recover in a claim against their own insurance company. This was a homeowner’s insurance claim, and the client was simply flabbergasted at how the insurance company handled the claim. The first thing we did was review the policy of insurance. The policy of insurance is usually going to tell you what types of damages and benefits you’re entitled to.

Every policy is different. Some are ambiguous; some are unambiguous. The ones that are ambiguous usually work in the favor of the insured. If you have a claim against your insurance company or if you feel that they owe you benefits that you’re entitled to under the policy, give us a call. We will evaluate your claim.

3. Insurance Claims Being Denied

We had a call in Tampa the other day regarding an insurance claim, where the client believed that the insurance company did not properly pay out benefits. Our advice to him was to set up a consultation and to bring his entire policy of insurance, including all addendums, so that we could review it. We do not charge for reviews of a policy. We basically evaluate the policy, look at it, and see if you have a claim. Sometimes, insurance companies wrongfully deny benefits, and that’s where the evaluation begins.

4. How to Prove Bad Faith Insurance

Bad faith among insurance companies in the state of Florida can be a serious problem. It involves a complex legal analysis. We got a call in Tampa from a client who believed that their insurance carrier was acting in bad faith in providing benefits for a homeowner’s insurance claim. Assessing this involves a complex analysis, and the first step is to review the complete policy of insurance. We will review your policy of insurance for free, and we’ll let you know if you have a claim. Give us a call.

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