4 Car Accident Facts

Have you been injured in a car accident and are seeking compensation? Check out these 4 car accident facts, then call our office today.

4 Car Accident Facts1) Car Accident Case Timeline

Recently, during a consultation, our client asked how long it was going to take to resolve her car accident case. It depends on every single case. The most important consideration is that you treat consistently until you feel better or you feel you’re in a spot that you can’t get any better. The reason that you have to wait for that is so that we need to know the full amount of your injuries so that we can appropriately evaluate your case and make sure that you’re adequately compensated. If you’re concerned about how long your injury case is taking or you have questions regarding that, please give us a call and we can help point you in the right direction.

2) Car Accident Insurance Investigation

We had a potential client call recently and ask if it was okay for her to talk to her insurance company after her car accident. The answer to that is yes, it’s perfectly fine for you to talk to your insurance company after an accident and, in fact, you should as soon as possible. You should, however, be very cautious about talking to the other insurance company for the party that hit you. Under no circumstances should you take a recorded statement. If you have any questions or you want to hire a lawyer to handle the insurance company for you, please give us a call.

3) Other Driver Doesn’t Have Insurance

One of the most common problems we have with auto insurance policies in the state of Florida is a lot of drivers are driving without bodily injury liability coverage. We had a client in Tampa recently who, unfortunately, was involved in a very severe accident. The driver that was at fault in the case – a rear-end collision – did not carry bodily injury liability coverage. You might think, “Wait a minute, the guy had insurance at the scene. He presented us with his insurance card.”

Yes, he had the minimum insurance. The minimum insurance is personal injury protection and property damage liability and liability for damage to the car. My client in that particular instance, only had their own personal injury protection available, which is maxed out at the threshold of $10,000, and they did not carry uninsured motorist coverage. Unfortunately, in a case like that, it’s not that we didn’t want the case, but there was no insurance available from the at-fault driver, which makes uninsured motorist coverage of utmost importance in the state of Florida. We’ll be glad to review your insurance policy with you for no charge. Just give us a call, and we will talk about the pros and cons of buying uninsured motorist coverage in the state of Florida.

4) Personal Injury Protection Insurance

I was recently asked by a client what personal injury protection insurance is. Personal injury protection insurance insures you for damages that you incur as a result of a car accident. That’s why Florida is called a no-fault state, because you are insuring yourself up to $10,000. If you have any questions about personal injury protection coverage, please give us a call and we can explain it to you.

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