3 Slip and Fall Questions

Did you or a loved one get hurt from a fall in Florida? Check out these 3 slip and fall questions we are often asked, then call our lawyers.

1. If I fell and injured myself on a rental property, who pays for my bills?

3 Slip and Fall QuestionsWe had a client in Tampa that recently, unfortunately, was injured severely from falling off of steps where there was some liquid that was allowed to remain on the steps. It was at a neighbor’s house, but the neighbor was the tenant, not the landlord. The question was, “Do I have a claim?” number one and, two, “How do I proceed?”

The first analysis is always difficult for premises liability. You have to decide whether there is a claim. Just because you fall off of steps, doesn’t necessarily mean you have a claim. The liability analysis is there, but when it comes to whether they can sue or make a claim against the – for instance, in this case – landlord, the answer is yes, but you have to establish whether there is liability. It’s not just a case because you fell. Unfortunately for this particular client, he sustained damages that exceeded $400,000, so it was definitely worth getting a thorough analysis of the liability portion of the case before we could decide whether there was a case.

Give us a call and we’ll be glad to look at your premises liability claim.

2. Should I speak with the insurance company after a slip and fall?

A client called us yesterday from Tampa and asked if it was a good idea to speak with the insurance company after he had fallen at a retail store. He had fallen on some liquid, and the insurance company was wanting to take a recorded statement. I advised him that the best bet is to consult with a trial lawyer in a free consultation to analyze the specific aspects of slip and fall claims, which are usually very complicated in the state of Florida. There is a determination with regard to liability that we have to assess first. It’s a better bet to get that assessment before you start speaking with the insurance companies.

Remember, insurance companies are designed to save their insured as much money as possible. They will adjust your claim and they will pay you the lowest amount they can get away with. To get the full value of your case, speak with a trial lawyer. We’d love to speak with you about your slip and fall case. Give us a call.

3. What should I do if I was injured due to a faulty handrail?

We had a client who called us and said that he fell, and the reason that he fell was because the handrail on the stairs that he was walking down was faulty. He was coming back from a beach resort, and the handrail simply came apart. Does he have a case? It depends. It depends how long that handrail had been in a state of disrepair, for one. Ultimately, what we need is a pictorial representation of what it looks like. If you come into a consult and there’s nothing to show, it’s very, very difficult to evaluate your case.

The case is going to be difficult anyway, but not having a picture or photograph or representation of what caused you to fall is going to be a big problem. When you come into these consultations and you have a case like that, make sure that you have taken the adequate measures to allow the attorney to fully investigate your claim.

Consult with a trial lawyer who is experienced with these types of cases. We would love to look at your premises liability claim. Give us a call.

Were you or a loved one severely injured in a trip and fall in Florida and have questions about a slip and fall case? After checking out these 3 slip and fall questions, then contact experienced Florida slip and fall lawyers at Serrano Law today for a free consultation and case evaluation.

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