3 Truck Accident Tips

Were you recently hurt in a truck wreck and have questions? Check out these 3 truck accident tips for guidance, then call our attorneys today.

Suing The Trucking Company For Drunk Driving

3 Truck Accident TipsWe had a very interesting question and a very good question from one of our Tampa clients recently. They asked us whether they could sue a commercial truck company. They were involved in an accident where, unfortunately, the driver of the commercial truck was under the influence of alcohol and got a DUI, and our client was very badly injured. The answer to that question is yes. It depends on what the commercial policy says but, generally speaking, the owner of the commercial vehicle is what we call vicariously liable for the actions of the commercial truck driver.

There are situations that render these types of cases extremely difficult, which means that you should hire an attorney that is experienced and is willing to go to trial. The insurance companies will fight these cases tooth and nail, especially where their driver was accused of driving under the influence.

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Choosing The Right Truck Accident Attorney

There are so many options with attorneys in Florida, in the Tampa area, Tampa area. How do you select the best attorney? We had a client, unfortunately, in Tampa who was involved in a very severe commercial truck accident. What’s a commercial truck accident? He was in his car and he was hit by a driver who was driving a commercial truck. How do you select the best attorney? Whether it’s a commercial truck case, a slip and fall, or a regular auto accident, you need someone that is going to communicate with you.

Commercial truck cases in particular have very specific questions that need to be asked at the initial consultation. If you go to a consultation at a law firm and you’re not speaking to the attorney that’s going to be handling the case, and that attorney is not a trial attorney, you may want to think twice about it. You may want to go somewhere where someone’s actually going to speak with you, so they can answer your questions. You have to develop the trust bond in order to have a lawyer that you can count on to do a good job for you.

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Truck Accident Case Value

Truck accident claims, unfortunately, usually involve serious injuries. We had a client in Tampa call us recently about their truck accident claim. They were involved in a very serious commercial truck accident and wanted to know how much the case was worth. As with most cases, it’s very difficult to fully evaluate your case at the initial conference.

The benefit of hiring a trial lawyer is that we can fully evaluate your case, examine all of the elements of the claim, and make sure that you obtain maximum value from the insurance carrier insuring those commercial vehicles. A lot of these accidents are serious accidents. You’ve got big trucks and you’ve got people that are injured, so you want a trial lawyer that’s going to communicate with you and effectively evaluate your case. Give us a call. We would love to speak with you about your truck accident claim.

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