Florida Car Accident

Were you or a loved one seriously injured in an auto wreck? Contact experienced Florida car accident lawyers at Serrano Law today.

Choosing The Right Car Accident Attorney

Florida Car AccidentThere are so many options out there when it comes to attorneys in the Tampa area. Clients will often ask how they can know they are hiring the best attorney. One of the things you want to look for is trust. You get trust by communication. If the lawyer is not communicating with you, then that is a signal that maybe you don’t have the best attorney for your case.

Ask questions and get answers. Most attorneys for these personal injury accident cases are going to offer you a free consultation. Just like anytime you’re hiring someone, you want to meet them and see what they say about your case. It’s very difficult to fully evaluate a case at the initial consultation. Certainly, you can get a feel for the type of communication you can expect from your law firm moving forward after that initial consultation. We offer free initial consultations here at Serrano Law.

Car Accident Case Value

Many clients ask about the value of their personal injury case. They were in a car accident, and they want to know how much it’s worth. We had a client in Tampa recently that asked that question at the initial consultation. It’s very difficult to evaluate your claim at the beginning stage in the consultation. The reason is it’s because a lot of times when you come in, your medical treatment isn’t complete. You haven’t reached what’s called maximum medical improvement.

With insurance companies, their job on the other side is to adjust the claims and try to pay out as little as possible and get the case resolved. The real essence of determining the value of the claim involves multiple factors. It’s not just your medical bills. You don’t need to hire an attorney if it’s just a case where you have a few medical bills that you can add up and give out to the insurance carrier. What the insurance carriers will typically not tell you is that there are elements to the claim.

There’s the cost of future medical care that you’re reasonably certain to incur. There’s pain and suffering. There are lost wages, too, to consider. These are matters that go into the valuation of a case.

Just like anything, if you’re evaluating a business or a commercial building, it’s the same concept. You want to be able to evaluate it. A lot of times patience is a virtue, and you need to finish out with your medical treatment.

Other Driver Doesn’t Have Insurance

One of the most common problems we have with auto insurance policies in the state of Florida is a lot of drivers are driving without bodily injury liability coverage. We had a client in Tampa recently who, unfortunately, was involved in a very severe accident. The driver that was at fault in the case – a rear-end collision – did not carry bodily injury liability coverage. You might think, “Wait a minute, the guy had insurance at the scene. He presented us with his insurance card.”

Yes, he had the minimum insurance. The minimum insurance is personal injury protection and property damage liability and liability for damage to the car. My client in that particular instance, only had their own personal injury protection available, which is maxed out at the threshold of $10,000, and they did not carry uninsured motorist coverage. Unfortunately, in a case like that, it’s not that we didn’t want the case, but there was no insurance available from the at-fault driver, which makes uninsured motorist coverage of utmost importance in the state of Florida. We’ll be glad to review your insurance policy with you for no charge.


Were you or a loved one seriously injured in an auto wreck? Contact experienced Florida car accident lawyers at Serrano Law today for a free consultation and case evaluation.