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After a Car Accident Injury

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What should I do after being injured in a car accident?


There are so many questions from clients about what actions they should take at the scene of an accident once they’re injured. We had a client in Tampa, and she asked me this very question on the phone when she called us. It depends, and that’s a lawyer answer. It depends because, if you’re incapacitated in the accident and you lose your consciousness, you should go to the hospital.After a Car Accident Injury

The main thing to realize is you need to seek out treatment. If you’re injured, think about how you’re going to prove your case. You’re going to prove it with medical records. You’re going to prove it with medical bills. Get treated. A lot of times you go to the hospital and maybe you’re just feeling a little ache or pain. As we know, two or three days down the road, that pain will manifest. It will become worse.

Sometimes, it doesn’t. Sometimes, you’re feeling tremendous pain at the scene of the accident, and it goes away within six months. Every case is different. The theme here is what you should do after an auto accident is, if you’re injured, go get treated.

Go to the hospital. Get that first treatment. Find out what’s wrong with you, and then have a trial lawyer evaluate your case. We offer free consultation, and we’d love to evaluate your case for you.

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