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Choosing The Right Motorcycle Accident Lawyer

Watch this video about choosing the right motorcycle accident lawyer in Tampa. Then call Serrano Law for a free legal consultation.


How do I choose the right motorcycle accident attorney?


We had a case in Tampa in which, unfortunately, the client was involved in a motorcycle accident. Motorcycle claims present so many various challenges because of the insurance. A lot of times the drivers or riders of the motorcycle do not have their own coverage, unfortunately. This particular client did not, and they asked an important question: “How do I hire the best attorney for motorcycle accidents?”Choosing The Right Motorcycle Accident Lawyer

You want an attorney that’s experienced with handling those types of claims. You also want a trial lawyer because, basically, they present so many challenges and a trial lawyer, if they indeed to take cases to trial, is going to be able to fully evaluate your case. This particular client was involved in a very bad motorcycle accident. He was ejected from the motorcycle and sustained serious damages. One of the important things in selecting an attorney for a case like this is you need to select an attorney that’s going to speak with you. He had so many issues at the initial consultation that we needed to discuss. It really is important that the client, at that initial consult and throughout the management of the case, is speaking with their lawyer.Give us a call. I’d be glad to evaluate your motorcycle accident in Tampa.

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