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Choosing The Right Wrongful Death Lawyer

Watch this video about choosing the right wrongful death lawyer in Tampa. Then call Serrano Law for a free legal consultation.


How do I choose the right attorney for my wrongful death case?


We had the family of a client call us because their loved one had been killed in an auto accident. They asked us how to find the best attorney for a wrongful death case. It’s a difficult answer, but the answer we gave was communication. You have to have a lawyer that not only is going to be able to communicate with you at that first consult, which is very critical, but you also want someone that knows the ins and outs of the wrongful death statute. Choosing The Right Wrongful Death Lawyer

The rules regarding wrongful death are peculiar in the sense that they are governed by a law, a statute. You’ve got to have someone that’s familiar with it. You’re going to find out at the consult whether the lawyer is familiar with it, whether they’ve done their homework, whether they can properly evaluate your case and whether they are able to take the case ultimately to trial if that’s necessary. We would love to look at your wrongful death claim and evaluate it for you. Give us a call in our Tampa office.

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