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Heirs Hiring Separate Attorneys For Wrongful Death

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Can the heirs hire separate attorneys in a wrongful death case?


We had a case in Tampa recently where it got really hairy because the heirs of the decedent, who was the person that unfortunately died in the accident, hired separate law firms. We had, as a client, one of the heirs and another law firm in Tampa had the other heir. Unfortunately, there was a dispute as to which heir could get more money in the case, as far as damages. We had to work that out and ultimately go to court and have the judge provide us with a distribution plan.Heirs Hiring Separate Attorneys For Wrongful Death

It gets complicated, and it’s never the same. Every case is different. The answer to the question was, yeah, you can have heirs who have different attorneys, and it has to get worked out throughout the litigation process. You need a lawyer that is experienced in these areas, and you need to find that out at the initial consultation. We would be glad to speak with you in Tampa about your wrongful death case and help you navigate through an extremely difficult time.

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