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Cost of a Wrongful Death Lawsuit

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What does it cost to pursue a wrongful death lawsuit?


Wrongful death lawsuits in particular can be very expensive. Sometimes we have to hire experts and a lot of times we have to go to trial. We recently had a client that asked us how much their wrongful death case would cost at the consult. It’s a very good question. Yes, you hear from lawyers all the time who will take the case on a contingency fee, which means we get a percentage of the recovery, but what about the costs? What about the costs that are going to be involved regardless whether you hire a lawyer? They’re there. There’s a filing fee, there’s service of process – those are on the low side. The expert fees are what get very expensive. Cost of a Wrongful Death Lawsuit

With these cases, once we, at this firm, have had an opportunity to evaluate it, we will advance those costs on your behalf. If we feel that you have a case and we can pursue it, and we can get you a maximum recovery, we will advance those costs so that we can be able to prosecute the claim adequately and then you don’t come out-of-pocket. Do not let the prospect of an expensive endeavor scare you away from pursuing a claim that you may have. Let us evaluate it and we’ll be glad to do so.

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