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Wrongful Death Survivors

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Who is considered a wrongful death survivor?


We had a client in Tampa recently ask us if they were a survivor under the wrongful death statute in the state of Florida. It was a good question. Generally speaking – and this discussion could last for a long time – the survivors are the minor children of the decedent, who is the person that unfortunately passed away, and the statute defines minor children, as any children, of the decedent that are under that age of 25. Generally, the spouse, as well, is considered a survivor. Wrongful Death Survivors

There are many pitfalls that are involved with wrongful death claims. If, unfortunately, a family member of yours has died as a result of the fault of someone else, we would be glad to speak with you and your family concerning the ins and outs of the wrongful death statute in the state of Florida. Give us a call.

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