Uncomfortable In Your Workplace? Don’t Make These Mistakes

Have you been sexually harassed and are uncomfortable in your workplace? Don’t make these mistakes in your claim. Call our attorneys today.

Employer Liability For Sexual Harassment

Uncomfortable In Your Workplace Don't Make These MistakesThe other day, a client in Tampa asked us if, his employer could be held liable for a sexual harassment case. The answer is, yes. Ultimately, these cases hinge on employer liability and responsibility. If the person that is being harassed reports the pervasive patterns of harassment to their employer and the employer does nothing about it, that is the definition of employer liability in a sexual harassment or hostile work environment case.

If you think you’ve been the victim of sexual harassment, call us for a free consultation and we’ll evaluate your case.

Retaliation Against a Sexual Harassment Claim

We had a call recently to our Lutz office during which the client asked whether they had a case for what’s called “retaliation.” She wanted to know if her employer was allowed to retaliate against her because she had filed a claim for sexual harassment. The answer is, no, the employer is absolutely not allowed to retaliate. It doesn’t matter if the claims are ultimately proved to be unsubstantial; it doesn’t make a difference. They cannot retaliate against you.

As you may imagine, proving retaliation is difficult. There’s a temporal aspect to it. If you have a case where you filed a sexual harassment claim and three years later your employer exhibits conduct towards you, quite frankly, that’s probably not retaliation. If there’s a temporal aspect to it, where the retaliation or a pattern of practice occurs shortly after you file a claim, have a lawyer who is experienced in handling retaliatory discharge claims evaluate it for you. We can do that for you and we’d be glad to do so. Give us a call.

Unwanted Sexual Advances in The Workplace

We had a client in Tampa the other day call us about a case where she believed that she had been harassed. There were comments of a sexual nature that were made to her at the workplace, and her inquiry was, “Do I have a claim?” It depends. One or two isolated comments – and I don’t want to sound unsympathetic – are just probably not going to cut it, as far as a claim goes, but, certainly, if it’s happened once, it needs to be reported to the employer.

Call us for a free consultation. We offer free consultations for sexual harassment claims. Even though one or two comments here and there may not amount to a claim, over time, if there’s a persistent pattern that continues to occur and especially if it involves one individual, make sure you supervisor knows and set up a free consultation in our Lutz office.

Have you been sexually harassed and are uncomfortable in your workplace? Don’t make these mistakes in your claim. Contact experienced Florida sexual harassment lawyers at Serrano Law today for a free consultation and case evaluation.

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