Suing Someone For a Slip And Fall

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If I fell and injured myself on a friend’s property, how do I bring a claim without making enemies?


We had a case in Tampa recently that involved a man who had been working for a lady for years and doing handiwork around the house. Unfortunately, there was a mess-up with regard to a pothole that was inside the property, and the gentleman did not see it and fell. He called us and said, number one, “Do I have a case?” and, number two, “What’s going to happen if I have to utilize, in this case, the homeowner’s insurance policy against someone who I consider, if not a friend, at least someone that I know?” The answer is difficult. Ultimately, what’s going to happen is, if you have to make a claim against the insurance company, we’re not going to be able to sue the insurance company. We’re going to have to sue the homeowner, unfortunately.

You start with a thorough analysis. These cases are difficult. This gentleman may have not even had a case. He had a question looking down the road to see if he was going to have a problem, but the first step is to analyze it because you may not have one. It’s good to get a trial lawyer to analyze a case so you’re not sitting in a room a year after a law firm accepts the case and they’re telling you that they’re not going to move forward with it. Get to that point earlier and these difficult decisions that may arise with these kinds of cases will blend themselves out. It’s better to get it done earlier than later.

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