Boy Scouts Sex Abuse Case Time Limit

Learn about the Boy Scouts sex abuse case time limit in Tampa in this video. Then, contact our Florida lawyers for a free case consultation.


Is it too late file a claim as an adult if I was sexually abused by a Boy Scout leader?


We had a call from a victim of abuse from a Boy Scout leader who called our Tampa office and asked if it was too late to file a claim. The answer I gave them was, no, it’s not. Right now is the time to have your case evaluated. If you were the victim of abuse from a Boy Scout leader, now is the time to have your case evaluated by an attorney or a law firm that can speak with you and evaluate your case. We offer a free confidential consultation to discuss these very serious matters. Give us a call at Serrano Law.

Have you or your child experienced sexual abuse and have questions about the boy scouts sex abuse case time limit? Contact experienced Florida boy scouts sex abuse lawyers at Serrano Law today for a free consultation and case evaluation.

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