Choosing a Medical Marijuana Discrimination Lawyer

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How do I choose the right attorney for my medical marijuana discrimination case?


We had a client ask us in Tampa recently how to choose the right attorney to handle a medical marijuana discrimination case. The answer to that falls in the same area as it does for any case. You need someone that’s going to communicate with you. It starts at the initial consultation. You want to lawyer to address adequately the questions you have and present you with an evaluation of your claim.

It’s almost impossible to fully evaluate your case at the initial consultation. With regard to these types of cases (discrimination based on disability because of medical marijuana usage), this is a developing area of law. You need an attorney that’s going to communicate well with you and that handles disability discrimination cases. Give us a call at our Tampa office.

Do you or a loved one feel discriminated against because of your medical condition and have questions about choosing a medical marijuana discrimination lawyer? Contact experienced Florida medical marijuana discrimination lawyers at Serrano Law today for a free consultation and case evaluation.

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