Life After a Brain Injury

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Traumatic Brain Injury Claim Timeline

Life After a Brain InjuryWe don’t really know how long it’s going to take for their case to be completed or settled. A lot of it depends on the severity of the injury. When you’re dealing with a traumatic brain injury, the injuries are usually severe. If it’s diagnosed, it could be a case that’s worth a lot in terms of past medical bills and future medical bills, and those are items that may take a while to properly evaluate. Sometimes, it is a matter of you just continuing to go to the doctor and seeking out treatment.

Patience is always a virtue with these cases. If you have a good lawyer who’s communicating with you throughout the process, they will make your life easier. Certainly, the goal in any of these cases, if you’re pursuing it, is to obtain maximum value. Traumatic brain injuries can be mild, but they can also be very, very severe and they should be taken seriously.

Expenses Recoverable in a Brain Injury Case

There are a lot of expert evaluations that are involved, and the cases can be expensive. One client in particular asked us, “What kind of expenses can I recover?” They asked this at the consultation. His medical bills had literally gone up the roof following the accident, and his question was, “How can I recover those?”

Given that there was an at-fault party in this case – it was a car accident – we were able to successfully pursue that case and pursue his medical bills, but not just the medical bills in the past but also the medical bills he’s reasonably certain to incur in the future. That’s the value of having a trial lawyer who is able to effectively evaluate every single element of your traumatic brain injury case and pursue the maximum value for your recovery.

Initial Offer For a Traumatic Brain Injury Case

Do not accept the initial offer from the insurance company. Insurance companies are designed, with their adjusters, to adjust your claim and to pay the smallest amount they can pay. That’s just their job. They’re in the business to do that with regard to these claims. You need an experienced lawyer that’s willing to take your traumatic brain injury case to trial and who can evaluate the case. It starts with communication at the initial consultation and throughout the entire process.

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