Zantac Injury Claim Value

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How much is my Zantac injury claim worth?


We had a caller in our Tampa office who was recently diagnosed with colorectal cancer. He had used prescription Zantac since 1988, and he believed that there was a causal connection between the long-term use of the Zantac and the diagnosis of his colorectal cancer. His question to us was, “How much is my case worth?” It is impossible to determine how much your case is worth at this juncture. These cases may last for several years, and a lot of the individual claims, which number in the thousands, have been unified in a joint class action in the southern district of Florida. The time to act, however, is now.

If you believe that you have developed cancer as a direct or approximate result of the long-term use of Zantac, give us a call for a free evaluation.

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