Tampa Personal Injury Settlement Timeline

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How long does it take to settle a personal injury case?


We got a call from a client recently in the Tampa area and they asked how long it takes to settle a personal injury case. They had already been working with the adjuster. The answer to that is patience is a virtue. Some cases can last three or four months, depending on the claim, and some cases can last three years. It doesn’t mean that the case that’s three years old is any worse or better than the case that lasted for three months. Every case is different, and a lot of it depends on what the insurance companies are offering.

The benefit of hiring a trial lawyer is that we are able to evaluate the case in terms of what it would look like in front of a jury. Many times, insurance companies do not offer you maximum value. In order to get maximum value, sometimes you have to file a lawsuit. The end stage from the lawsuit to the end is the trial. Every case is different.

Medical treatment is dependent on the severity of the injury. The client that called in Tampa had to have surgery, so his case had already been a year out. Every case is different. We’d love to help you with your case. We offer free consultations. Give us a call.

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