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Choosing The Right Brain Injury Lawyer

Watch this video about choosing the right traumatic brain injury lawyer in Tampa. Then call Serrano Law for a free consultation.


How do I choose the right traumatic brain injury attorney?


We had a client in Tampa who had a traumatic brain injury, sometimes abbreviated as TBI in the medical literature. Those are usually significant claims in terms of damages, unfortunately. Choosing The Right Brain Injury Lawyer

To select the best attorney for a TBI case, you probably want someone who’s experienced in that area, but also someone who is going to communicate with you at the initial consultation. If you’re not getting to see your lawyer at the initial consultation, you’re probably not going to be able to get an effective evaluation of what this case entails and maybe what the value is. It is impossible to determine the exact value of a traumatic brain injury case at the initial consult, but communication is essential throughout the entire process. If you, a loved one, or family member has been involved in a serious accident, sustained a closed head injury or any type of traumatic brain injury, call our offices and we will discuss it and give you a free evaluation.

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