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Traumatic Brain Injuries on Someone’s Property

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Can I file a lawsuit against a property owner if I fell and sustained a traumatic brain injury on their property?


We had a client in Tampa that slipped and fell at someone else’s home where he was a guest. Unfortunately, he sustained a diagnosed traumatic brain injury. The question was whether he could have pursued a lawsuit in this particular case against the residence owner. The short answer to that question is, yes, it’s a possibility. Traumatic Brain Injuries on Someone’s Property

With all slip and fall type cases, regardless of the type in injury you suffered, there’s an analysis that has to be conducted and that should be conducted right away, with regard to responsibility or liability. Just because you fall somewhere, doesn’t mean the owner is responsible, so you need a lawyer that’s going to evaluate that case right away. You don’t want to be sitting in a law office five months after the initial consult and the law firm is telling you they’re not going to take your case because there’s no liability. That needs to be determined soon. It may not be determined right away at the initial consult, but it needs to be determined shortly thereafter so that we know whether you have a case or not. Give us a call and we’ll be glad to review your premises liability case and review the severity of the traumatic brain injury. Give us a call in our Lutz office.

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