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Common Mistakes in a Truck Accident Case

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What common mistakes do people make during their truck accident cases?


Truck accident cases are usually difficult in terms of the fact that you’re usually dealing with severe injuries and they need to be attended to by a trial lawyer who knows how to handle the claims. Oftentimes, these cases wind up in trial. We had a client in Tampa that was unfortunately involved in a very serious commercial truck accident, and he asked a very good question: What are some of the common mistakes that clients will make in these cases? Common Mistakes in a Truck Accident Case

One of the biggest mistakes is not hiring a trial lawyer. These aren’t your regular garden variety type accidents. These accidents are usually, like I said, serious accidents, for the most part, with serious injuries. The insurance carriers for the commercial truck are very, very, very stingy, oftentimes, with evaluating the case. Their job is to get the case to go away. You need a lawyer with experience trying cases, for instance, because the cases present challenges that a regular auto case does not.

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