Suing The Trucking Company For Drunk Driving

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Can I sue the trucking company if the driver who injured me was driving drunk?


Suing The Trucking Company For Drunk Driving We had a very interesting question and a very good question from one of our Tampa clients recently. They asked us whether they could sue a commercial truck company. They were involved in an accident where, unfortunately, the driver of the commercial truck was under the influence of alcohol and got a DUI, and our client was very badly injured. The answer to that question is yes. It depends on what the commercial policy says but, generally speaking, the owner of the commercial vehicle is what we call vicariously liable for the actions of the commercial truck driver.

There are situations that render these types of cases extremely difficult, which means that you should hire an attorney that is experienced and is willing to go to trial. The insurance companies will fight these cases tooth and nail, especially where their driver was accused of driving under the influence.

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