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Initial Offer For a Personal Injury Case

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Should I take the first settlement offer for my personal injury case?


We had a client in Tampa that hadn’t hired a lawyer yet and was dealing directly with the insurance company. This is common and happens all the time. The client asked us if they should take the first settlement offer. The answer, inevitably, is usually no, unless the insurance carrier is offering the policy limits, and even then you should have it evaluated by a trial attorney. The reason is that insurance companies only take into account what the bills are. That’s the easiest part of your case. Anybody can add up their medical bills that were related to the accident. Initial Offer For a Personal Injury Case

The real value of hiring a trial lawyer is the evaluation of the other elements of the claim, which include the future medical bills you’re reasonably certain to incur, items like pain and suffering, which nobody knows the exact value of. Before you settle your case, it is of extreme benefit to hire a trial attorney who is able to evaluate your case and let you know how good that settlement offer is from the insurance company. We would love to help you out with a personal injury case. If you have any questions, give us a call.

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