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Expert Witnesses in a Personal Injury Case

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What is the role of an expert witness in my personal injury case?


We had a case that went to trial recently and the client asked a great question. It was a case in Hillsborough County in Tampa, and the client asked, “Why do we have to hire these expert witnesses? What is the role of an expert witness?” Expert Witnesses in a Personal Injury Case

There are so many different types of expert witnesses. In the context of a personal injury case, it usually means a medical expert, but there are also experts that deal with the forces of a collision, as well as biomechanical experts and human factor experts. For trial lawyers, the role of the right, qualified expert is they can assist the jury in reaching a decision. If you have herniated discs in your neck, you can talk about your pain all day, but the expert witness – a radiologist, for example – would come to trial and talk about why he or she believes that that herniated disc was caused by the accident. It’s a tough game, and insurance companies will hire their own experts, so, many times, trials become a battle of experts. If you hire the right trial attorneys, they’ll know what experts need to be hired that will assist you in getting the maximum value in your case. Give us a call. We would love to give you a consultation and talk to you a little more about personal injury cases.

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