Understanding TBI Cases

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What is a traumatic brain injury?


Understanding TBI CasesThere’s a lot of talk about when going about understanding TBI cases in the state of Florida. We had a client recently in Tampa who basically asked us that question: What constitutes a traumatic brain injury? Usually, it’s a significant blow to the head but the injury could also be mild. There are mild cases of TBI and there are also serious cases, where someone sustained a closed head injury, brain damage.

The quick answer, and it kind of goes in line with the times these days, is to go get tested. Get tested and find out if you have one. There are medical facilities that will perform studies that will determine whether you’ve suffered or sustained a traumatic brain injury. After that, if you have an injury and there’s a party that’s at-fault, go see a lawyer who is experienced in that area of law, who will take your case to trial, if necessary, and who will effectively evaluate the case.

We understand that this accident may have made you feel helpless, but there are things that you can do if you want success when you pursue justice. First and foremost, you need to act immediately. You should immediately get to the doctor, emergency room, or urgent care to seek medical treatment. You should also call Florida TBI attorneys to represent you right away. You don’t get a second chance of justice. If you wait too long, your evidence could disappear and your witnesses could forget what happened, which makes success more difficult.

You were going to be bringing your claim against the liable party who is directly responsible for causing your accident. The liable party is going to be represented by their insurance company who is responsible for your competition award. Your attorneys have the task of holding those parties accountable for the damages you suffered and your traumatic brain injury. They will make sure that you don’t settle for anything less than what is full and fair. They will also handle communications between the insurance companies to protect your rights further.

When you seek compensation for your accident, you are asking the insurance company of the liable party to reimburse you for all the ways your accident has negatively impacted your life financially and otherwise. Compensation covers medical bills, pain and suffering, and lost wages. This can be quite extensive sometimes.

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