Boat Accident Injury Tips

Were you seriously injured while out on the water and have questions? Check out our boat accident injury tips, then give us a call today.

Cost of a Lawyer

Boat Accident Injury TipsWe handle these cases on a contingency fee, which means our attorney’s fee amounts to a percentage of the recovery, depending on what stage the case is in.

As far as costs, there are several costs involved. If you have to file a lawsuit, there are filing fees. There are service process fees. The way we handle these claims is if we accept the case, we will advance the costs. That way you’re not coming out of pocket in a time that is usually difficult where you’re trying to get through a situation where you’ve been injured. Give us a call at our Tampa office.

Choosing The Right Attorney

Hiring an attorney is a very important decision, especially when you need someone to navigate through what’s usually a difficult time after you sustain an injury. It goes without saying, if it’s a boating accident case or an auto accident case, you need to communicate with your attorney so you can develop the trust that is necessary for you to be able to successfully prosecute your claim. At the initial stage during your consultation, you want to see your attorney. You want to be able to ask all the questions, and you want them to be able to talk to you about their opinion regarding the evaluation of your case. It is impossible to evaluate a case fully at the initial consult.

Throughout the journey and during the process, which sometimes can be a long arduous one, you need to have constant communication with your attorney. A client recently asked us how to hire the best boating accident attorney. It’s the one that’s going to talk to you and the one that has experience handling those claims.

Boat Accidents vs. Other Accident Cases

We had a client that was involved in a boat accident in the Tampa Bay area. They asked a very good question during the phone consultation: “Are there damages that I can recoup in a case like this?” He had been injured from the negligence of another boating driver. Are the damages different from a regular auto accident personal injury case? The answer is no. It’s an injury case.

Sometimes, there are different issues that are involved with regard to liability and responsibility, but ultimately the damages that you recoup are going to be damages for past medical bills, the medical bills you’re reasonably certain to incur in the future, and damages for pain and suffering. Contact a lawyer who is experienced in handling boating accident cases.

Were you or a loved one seriously injured while out on the water and have questions about our boat accident injury tips? Contact experienced Florida boat accident lawyers at Serrano Law today for a free consultation and case evaluation.

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