Damages Available in a Sexual Harassment Case

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What kind of damages are available in a sexual harassment case?


We had a sexual harassment case recently in Tampa. A worker had asserted a claim against their employer. She was being harassed by, actually, another co-worker and she asked us a great question: What are the elements of damages of a sexual harassment claim? There’s a Florida statute and a federal statute that govern these types of cases.

To make it as simple as possible, generally speaking, the damages are, number one, lost wages. If an employee loses their job because of the harassment or is forced out of their job because the harassment became intolerable, for instance, they would be able to recoup the difference in the wages that they were earning at the time of separation through the time that the case is resolved. Sometimes, that changes, depending on the circumstances.Damages Available in a Sexual Harassment Case There are also compensatory damages— damages for things that’s hard to put a specific dollar amount on, intangible items like inconvenience, suffering, mental anguish. Those are all elements that are considered in these types of claims. Attorneys’ fees and costs sometimes are awarded in sexual harassment cases, as well. You need a lawyer that’s going to communicate with you from the beginning to discuss these issues, discuss your case, and talk to you about the complex process of navigating a sexual harassment case in Florida. Give us a call.

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