Hostile Work Environments

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What is considered a hostile work environment?


Hostile work environment and sexual harassment claims are very fact-intensive and often difficult to navigate. We recently got a call from a caller in Florida who asked us a question. She wanted to know if she had a hostile work environment claim. We basically told her that hostile work environment involves a co-worker, oftentimes, who unreasonably interferes with the employee’s ability to conduct their job and the conduct that they exhibit amounts to harassment.Hostile Work Environments

One person’s definition of harassment and hostile work environment is not necessarily the same as another person’s definition, therefore you need to consult with an attorney. If you feel like you’ve been harassed at work, you need to report it immediately to your supervisor. The employer has to know what is going on specifically, and you should do it in writing. When you come to the consult, bring it with you. Bring your log of what’s happened because ultimately, if it’s more than one thing that’s going on in the office, the employer needs to know. If the employer doesn’t know, there’s usually no case. Give us a call and we’ll talk to you about your hostile work environment claim.

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