Sexual Harassment Claims

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How can your firm help me with my sexual harassment case?


Sexual harassment is rampant, unfortunately, in the United States. My office has been handling sexual harassment cases for years. They’re very fact-specific. We’ve had a client recently who called us and asked us if we could handle their sexual harassment claim. The answer is yes. The first thing we do is we bring you in and we have a consult. These days, we’re doing some Zoom video conferencing. We have to find out about your case. Sexual Harassment Claims

The important thing to understand is while you’re working there, and if you’re still working there, you can have a confidential conversation with your lawyer. Keep in mind that if you feel that you’re being harassed, make sure to let your supervisor know. There is no way else to prove your sexual harassment case, as a first point, unless you have documented your complaints of the harassment. Give us a call for a free consultation in our Tampa offices.

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