Slip And Fall Cases From Faulty Handrails

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What should I do if I was injured due to a faulty handrail?


We had a client who called us and said that he fell, and the reason that he fell was because the handrail on the stairs that he was walking down was faulty. He was coming back from a beach resort, and the handrail simply came apart. Does he have a case? It depends. It depends how long that handrail had been in a state of disrepair, for one. Ultimately, what we need is a pictorial representation of what it looks like. If you come into a consult and there’s nothing to show, it’s very, very difficult to evaluate your case. Slip And Fall Cases From Faulty Handrails

The case is going to be difficult anyway, but not having a picture or photograph or representation of what caused you to fall is going to be a big problem. When you come into these consultations and you have a case like that, make sure that you have taken the adequate measures to allow the attorney to fully investigate your claim.

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