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Slip And Fall Cases on a Rental Property

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If I fell and injured myself on a rental property, who pays for my bills?


We had a client in Tampa that recently, unfortunately, was injured severely from falling off of steps where there was some liquid that was allowed to remain on the steps. It was at a neighbor’s house, but the neighbor was the tenant, not the landlord. The question was, “Do I have a claim?” number one and, two, “How do I proceed?” Slip And Fall Cases on a Rental Property

The first analysis is always difficult for premises liability. You have to decide whether there is a claim. Just because you fall off of steps, doesn’t necessarily mean you have a claim. The liability analysis is there, but when it comes to whether they can sue or make a claim against the – for instance, in this case – landlord, the answer is yes, but you have to establish whether there is liability. It’s not just a case because you fell. Unfortunately for this particular client, he sustained damages that exceeded $400,000, so it was definitely worth getting a thorough analysis of the liability portion of the case before we could decide whether there was a case.

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