Available Legal Protection If You’re Fired for Medical Marijuana Use

If you were recently terminated, watch this video about the available legal protection if you’re fired for medical marijuan use in Tampa.


Do I have any recourse for being let go because of my medical marijuana use?


We had a client in the Tampa area call us recently about the fact that he was fired for what he believed was his medical marijuana usage. He asked us if he had a case. It depends. It’s very fact intensive, and this is a developing area of the law.Available Legal Protection If You're Fired for Medical Marijuana Use

We’ve been practicing in disability discrimination cases for many years. The question as to whether medical marijuana usage falls into disability discrimination in the context of being fired is definitely an area that needs to be investigated. If you feel that you have been wrongfully terminated as a result of lawfully prescribed marijuana, give us a call at our Lutz office.

Do you or a loved one feel discriminated against because of your medical condition and have questions about available legal protection if you’re fired for medical marijuana use? Contact experienced Florida medical marijuana discrimination lawyers at Serrano Law today for a free consultation and case evaluation. Serving clients throughout Tampa Bay and Hillsborough County Like Us on Facebook